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If you are looking for a Traditionally Brain Tanned Bison Robe then look no further! Our Alberta Bison Robes are perfect for rugs, throws, sleigh rides, and adding a rustic and traditional touch to your home or cabin.


Our Bison Robes run from $1,800 to $2,300 depending on size and we take a non-refundable deposit of $500 per hide. We have a limited amount of robes that we are able to process this summer.  Cost can be completed via PayPal or e-transfer if within Canada.

Please be in contact with Alberta Bison Robes at

100% Echo friendly. Our Bison Robes are processed completely BY HAND using the traditional methods of hand fleshing, hand scraping, hand softening, tanning with brains, eggs, and natural oils and tallows - absolutely NO chemicals! And finally, we smoke our robes to a rich golden brown after the traditional fashion.

DEPOSIT: Alberta Bison Robes - Traditionally Brain Tanned, Smoked Bison Robes

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