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"Amber" is fossilized tree resin in addition to being a golden, orange colour. For thousands of years, cultures all across the world have been using tree resins for a variety of purposes: protecting chronic wounds and ulcers from infection and increasing their healing rate - in some cases more effectively that pharmaceuticals (check out this Finnish article); chewing gum (check out our Wild Spruce Gum); glue, tar and sealant, (Genesis 6:14); and as fire starter, torches and incense. 


Northern Amber Salve smells like a wild forest of spruce trees. Due to the spruce pitch, honey and bee propolis, this salve is naturally anti-fungal, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and disinfectant. It fights infection, promotes healing and protection and increases circulation. It also has been used for relieving areas such as sore muscles, arthritis, gout and sprains, and First Nations People have used it to effectively relieve congestion.


We use Northern Amber Salve as a joint and muscle rub; we apply it to cuts, scratches, rashes and wounds to protect against infection and to promote quicker healing; and we use it as a deodorant and exfoliator. Northern Amber Salve is utilized in our home, in our barn yard and in our wilderness adventures.


This salve is an original recipe, crafted by Amberlin in small batches on the Biegel family farm using traditional methods.  All ingredients we have either grown, crafted or wild harvested: Wild Spruce Pitch twice infused in our own Grass-fed Beef Tallow (we double infused to ensure a higher percentage of spruce pitch in the final product); our own Beeswax, Raw Honey, and Bee Propolis Tincture. 



AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. Best to apply a small amount of salve to the skin or injury and wait for a few hours to ensure there's no allergic reaction. It's normal for the salve to sting a bit when applied to open cuts/scrapes/wounds. Salve may contain traces of natural debris/residue/sediment. In case of skin reaction or irritation discontinue use.


Disclaimer: These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consume at your own risk. The above information is for educational purposes only. The information provided is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any health condition. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider before use of any new product especially if you are using medication, have a pre-existing health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Northern Amber Salve with Spruce Pitch, Honey & Propolis

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