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Pink Popcorn is a wonderful early maturing popcorn that grows ears at an average length of 5-6" (13-15cm). The Pink Popcorn yeilds excellent fluffy popping corn of white kernels and a great rich flavour.


The kernels are an attractive beautiful pink to mauve - very desirable for decoration. This is not a variety for eating corn on the cob, but rather for drying and popping.


Alow cobs to dry on the stalk before harvesting. Once fully cured and dried, remove seeds using a butter knife to work away an opening in the seed pattern. Then, using leather gloves, rubb off the remaining seeds into an appropriate container.


When harvested, the husks should be completely brown and the kernels hard. The ideal moisture content for popcorn is 13 to 14%.


Once a week, extract a few kernels and try popping them. If the popcorn is jagged or chewy, it still has too much moisture. If the flavour and texture are good, remove all the remaining kernels and store them in airtight containers. They should remain in good popping form for several years.


Matures in 85 days

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Pink Popcorn Seed

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