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Here are Linnae's Signature mittens made with 100% alpaca!


These mitts have a two tone color (as seen on grey pair) to create a contrasting color on the cuff which can be lossened or tightened by a leather bow from the side according to the wearer's comfort. They also have a leather palm which provides both a classic modern look as well as increased warmth and durablity.


Alpaca is known for its moisture wicking and effective thermal attributes and therefore mitts made from 100% alpaca are perfect for helping to keep your hands warm and dry!


Linnae hand felts these seemless mitts from alpaca fibre that is grown and processed locally.


Alpaca Facts:

-Fibres are nearly completely hollow, wherease wool contains only pockets of air. This additional space creates greater thermal capacity.

-Alpaca is said to be three times warmer than wool.

-Since it lacks lanolin, it is considered to be hypoallergenic.

-Water resistant

-Equivalent softness, more warmth and higher wicking properties than merino wool.

-Alpaca has one of the highest tensile strengths of any natural fibre, second only to silk and some bast fibres (such as hemp and linen).

-Lower tendency to shrink than wool and cashmere.

-Historically, an Incan man's wealth was counted in textiles made from alpaca fibre.



Measure the circumference (width) of your palm and then the length from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.



Length: 18cm 

Width: 18.5 - 20cm



Length: 19cm

Width: 19.5 - 21cm



Length: 20cm

Width: 20.5 - 22cm



Length: 21cm +

Width: 21.5 - 23cm



This product may need up to 10 business days to hand felt and hand sew. If you have any questions or need this item for a certain date please contact Linnae at: and she will do her best to get it to you for the time you need.

Signature Alpaca Mitts - Classic Modern