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Chaga, (Inonotus Obliquus) is mushroom or fungus that grows on birch trees in Northern climates. Chaga has been used for centuries as a super food and has been deemed "King of Herbs," "King of Medicinal Mushrooms," and "Gift of God," due to its incredible nutrients, extremely high antioxidants, and high Beta-Glucans which fight cancer. Chaga supports the immune system, proper cell division, and a healthy response to inflammation. It also boosts energy, metal clarity and detoxifies the body. 


We forage our own Chaga in the wild Boreal forests of Northern Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Our chaga chunks are ground into tea/nugget size to allow for easier brewing. Watch our video on brewing chaga here.


Chaga was used in the world wars in replacement of coffee. It has a balanced and modest flavour. Slightly nutty with a hint of vanilla.  For years now we've kept a pot of Chaga brewing in our 250F Aga oven and use it in place of our water when making morning coffee. For those who don't drink coffee in our home, they enjoy it with cream and honey. After pouring off what we want, we refill the pot with water and return it to the oven where it will steep for another 12-24 hours. 


To receive the full benefits of Chaga, one should consume one cup a day. The longer Chaga steeps the darker and more flavourful it becomes. It can become so dark it looks like ink! Chaga can be brewed over and over and over until it is exhausted or releases no more colour into the water. Because of this, Chaga can last a very long time.



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