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"Wow! This is the best chewing gum I’ve ever had! It tastes exactly like spruce resin smells, simply wonderful, natural and not sweet!" -S


The ultimate chewing experience for the avid gum lover who happens to be a health nut! All natural, sugar-free *Spruce Gum made with 100% Canadian spruce pitch. Zero additives.


Prepare for the WILD experience: Gum will shatter once chewed, but keep chewing to bring it back together. In no time you'll have an incredible piece of chewing gum! And remember, to get the most out of your spruce gum, be sure to RE-CHEW it for up to 3 days!



-Trial comes in a bag with 3 pieces. (9 days worth of chewing)

-15g Tin holds 15 grams. (10-15 pieces = 30-45 days worth of chewing)

-30g Tin holds 30 grams. (20-25 pieces = 60-75 days worth of chewing)


*Not inspected. Not for children under the age of 10. Chew at own risk.





"If you’re thinking about ordering the Spruce gum, don't hesitate! It's clearly made with love, and feels so good to chew. It's like having a tree in your mouth in the best of ways! I will definitely be getting more." -Cameron


"I really enjoy how clean the spruce gum leaves your teeth after chewing it for ony a few minutes! Phenomenal stuff people!" - Jer


"We have purchased your wild spruce gum and it is really fun;) I’ve sent it home to my family and their first impression was really funny. They ended up really liking it! I used it for my son to work on his jaw development too when we were working on his speech:)" -Ashley


"If you like Christmas in your mouth, than boy is this product for you! It’s definitely an acquired taste, but once your used to you’ll love it even more. Clean teeth and better breath. Definitely recommend 10/10." -Michael


"The spruce gum is fantastic, got to France in only a couple weeks, all intact; very happy with how long it lasts as well. I'll definitely be getting some more. Thanks!" -Roger


"Great gum really worth a try!" -Patrick


"My aunt gave me a tin of your Spruce Gum as a gift, and I absolutely love it! I love eating the edible wild plants God has given us, but had never considered chewing them ;) I am going to try to make my own, but if I can't get it right, I know where to turn!" -Benedict


"My first experience with spruce gum. I like it!" -Garth


"I stumbled across this spruce gum on etsy and I'm so glad I did! I was fed up with super sweet chews that only last a few minutes and wanted to do the right thing for the planet by switching to natural, biodegradable gum. I wasn't sure on the flavour at first, it's like comparing celery to a lollipop, but the flavour has grown on me and it is impressive how long the gum lasts. I get two days from one piece and just keep it in a piece of wax paper when I'm not chewing. Highly recommend this old fashioned gem! Thanks Amberlin and family :)" -Jake from Australia


"Thank you ♡ we love this so much, like a memory." -P


"Perfect for Boreal wild men, thank you :)" -P


"Wonderful spruce gum, will be buying again! Seller is professional and pleasant. Be patient in receiving as it comes from Canada but worth the wait." -Linda


"A fabulous, unique and great quality item. Outstanding customer service." -O


"Wow! This is the best chewing gum I’ve ever had! It tastes exactly like spruce resin smells, simply wonderful, natural and not sweet! Spruce Trees are my favorite trees and it reminds me of “my” forest even if I can’t be there. I will order from you again. Thank you Biegle Family! " -S


"Love the taste! Each piece lasts for a very long time." -Cadance


"Really lovely spruce taste, nicely packaged, excellent product." -Kate


"Very nice natural gum, came in convenient shapes/sizes unlike others I've tried. Has a light but pleasant bitterness and very long lasting flavor. Texture was consistent and not too hard. Definitely a new favorite sap of mine, will have to pick up some more soon!" -T


"This family is very easy to deal with and produce is a very professional product. I ordered their gum because I wanted to try out some different traditional natural gardens. And I have to warn people that the first time I tried it the piece shattered in my mouth and my whole world for a good couple minutes became nothing but Pine. while not the gum experience, I was looking for I must say it was rather pleasant. But I learned from my mistake, and the next time I was much slower on my chewing of the gum, and it worked great. It’s really a wonderful gum. There’s not much else like it out there and it’s really well worth a try. Just don’t get this hard and buy your first experience. Try it again. the sample pack is perfect for that. And I ended up ordering a whole bunch more because no other gum is like this." -Patrick


"Unique gum, glad I got this." Stu


"Doesn’t get more natural than this Spruce Gum." -Daniel


"My Dad always talked about this kind of gum his gramma made when he was a kid. It’s interesting and I like it…thanks for making it." -Alissa


"Tastes amazing, looking forward to continuing to chew on this." -Riley


"Wow, this is bracing stuff. Definitely not the sweet chewing gum I had in my city-kid days. The flavor is wild, pungent and persistent, just like the tree it comes from. It has a soul." -Catherine


"Finally a real spruce gum like in the old times!" -Samuel


"Really amazing product. Takes me to my childhood." -Kamil


"First time having gum made with pitch its really good !!!" -Gabriel


"I’m impressed, I still have it and I received it back in may, it really does last you long, even half a piece of gum is enough. When you first chew it it’s like a hallow piece of glass, it breaks into little shards and as you continue it turns into a wax consistency. It produces A LOT of bubbly saliva for me and cleans my teeth and mouth very well. It taste like pine wood to me. I enjoy it it’s very different. The only thing I forgot to mention is that is was so hard for me to open the container, it was packed securely and I dont know how to open the tin can correctly. Thank you to this family !" -Jade

Canadian Spruce Gum

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  • My name is Amberlin and I live in Northern Alberta Canada. Our Spruce Gum is completely hand harvested by my family and myself from spruce trees all over western Canada, including our surrounding boreal forests and Rocky Mountains, and each small batch is carefully sorted, prepared and tested to ensure a quality chew before packaging. It's a time consuming process, but the rewards are worth it!  



    • Cleans teeth
    • Promotes healthy gums
    • Freshens breath
    • Incredible spruce flavour!
    • Sugar-Free
    • Strengthens jaw muscles giving you a more defined jawline
    • Contains powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-septic, and anti-fungal properties
    • Increases saliva production which aids digestion
    • Unlike ordinary chewing gum, one piece of spruce gum can be chewed for up to 3 days! Once removed from your mouth it will be become firm again, so save it (in the little bag or the tin) for the next time you want to chew it! This can be repeated until it gets too tough to chew, falls apart, or becomes too bitter for your liking.




    Disclaimer: These statements and this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consume at your own risk. The above information is for educational purposes only. The information provided is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any health condition. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider before use of any new product especially if you are using medication, have a pre-existing health condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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