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A Brain Tanned Goat Coat

Julia made this coat from goat hides that she skinned and brain-tanned all herself!

Gorgeous, one-and-only, all hand made, with incredible colours and textures.

Fits extremely comfortably and is toasty warm.

It includes the hides of four of our goats from our family goatherd; one for the back, one for the front, and one for each sleeve.

The inside of the hood has alpaca felt lining from our alpacas.

Julia used coyote fur for the hood trimming.

Buttons are made with antler tips, and there's also a flap along the button line to help keep out the wind.

The coat has two pockets lined with a green wool/polyester felt, same as the inside of the coat.

You can see the black alpaca felt lining inside the hood.

Blow winter winds, I fear thee no more!

It's a woman's size medium, men's size small.

If you're interested in purchasing this coat, please click here.


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