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Uganda Ho!

Hey folks, this is Amberlin. We have some exciting news - my sister Jenessa and I are embarking on our first mission trip to help a fellow disciple of Christ in Uganda! Neither of us have travelled internationally before so we're super excited - and a bit nervous and overwhelmed - but we are looking forward to seeing what God will do and how He will use us!

We learned about The Binji Ministries a couple months ago through an interview done by Rise On Fire Ministries. The Binji ministry began in 2019 and focuses on equipping, teaching and empowering Ugandan widows, and abandoned families and communities according to James 1:27. You can learn more by visiting their website and listening to the interview.

This past year, mission work both in our hometown as well as abroad has really been something that has weighed on the hearts of us siblings, and we have put much more effort into taking time to talk to people about Jesus/Yeshua; learning how to share the Gospel; praying for those in stores, at check out tills, and on the streets; and we've also started up a small Bible Study in town once a week. It's been such an incredible blessing and we have experienced healings, baptisms, people being blessed, and more of a desire to follow Christ in ourselves and in others!

But Uganda kept coming to my mind and Jenessa was feeling led to do something more, so a few days ago we decided to contact Eleanor with The Binji Ministry. Before sending her a brief message asking if she needed any help, Jenessa and I prayed and asked that Yahweh would open the doors if this was something He wanted us to pursue. We sent the message and within about 30 seconds we got a reply - "Yes! Can you talk a bit now?" Turns out they have been praying for a couple of helpers, and also have been praying for someone who does videography (that's me!). It also turns out that there is no Hebrew word for "coincidence."

Talking with Eleanor (who has two primary helpers), we discovered that items such as children's clothings, plastic containers, medicine, safety pins and bandages are very much needed, so Jenessa and I plan to purchase and bring along as much as we can in our luggage.

We will be following Eleanor as she goes out to remote villages where she brings Bibles and teaches about the God of love. Many, if not most of these people have never seen a white person - or even climbed a staircase - and Jenessa and I will be helping where we can, especially with the many children. What a blessing that will be!


If you are local and have hand-me-downs to give, they need clothing for infants, children, and T-shirts for men. You can contact me at and we can arrange a time to meet or drop off.

If you could help Jenessa and I cover costs it would be so appreciated as this trip will not be cheap. We are praying that God would supply us with financial help as we need to purchase mission medical needs (vitamins, antibiotics, pills, creams, bandages, etc.), colouring books, crayons, Bibles, flights, visas, travel insurance, rent, gas, etc..

You can send a gift through e-transfer (if in Canada) or PayPal (if in the USA) to and write “Uganda.” Thank you so much!

There has been much to consider before deciding this, but Jenessa and I are taking a step of faith like we never have before, trusting that God will provide.

We plan to leave mid-December and will be gone for about 4 weeks.

Please consider helping us, and also pray that God provides for, protects, and blesses this trip. Thank you!

Blessings to you in Yeshua our Messiah.

~Amberlin and Jenessa

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

James 1:27


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