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Announcements! (And a big, hearty welcome to you!)

Hello, and Welcome to everyone who has recently subscribed to our family blog and website. We are so glad you are here!

As you maybe noticed, we have recently changed our website name to FOUR SEASONS NORTH. We are excited because this name expresses in a few words everything we love about what we do and where we live, and how the four seasons contribute to the delightful spices that flavour our everyday lives - in work, play, music, and (of course!) food.

If you haven't already, you may like to check out the video we posted a couple weeks ago of Brooklyn, Amberlin, Linnae and Charles discussing these announcements out at our wood pile.

Our family YouTube channel name has also been updated to FOUR SEASONS NORTH - BIEGEL FAMILY to reflect the homesteading and entrepreneurial aspects of our channel.

Our music channel is still BIEGEL FAMILY MUSIC and we have been posting a new video every week. If you haven't checked out our YouTube channels, please head on over and do so!

On Facebook you can follow our page to receive family and product updates and reviews. We are honoured to supply our products to customers in our local area and also to folks all across North America. If you have purchased from us, we would love to hear your reviews at the bottom of any of our online products, or on a Facebook or Instagram comment!

We also recently opened an Instagram account and have been posting great photos of some of our recently completed products. Amberlin takes many photos and is looking forward to sharing them with you.

Another big announcement is the launch of Charles' brand name: STOCKMAN'S: Quality Leather Goods. Charles is a gifted artisan leatherworker and has been creating quality leatherwork pieces since 2018 with an emphasis on crafting custom items including belts, knife cases, and rifle slings. The goal at STOCKMAN'S is to provide each and every customer with the highest quality leather product and the highest customer service possible.

Check out STOCKMAN'S in the Product Gallery dropdown to view more of Charles' work. You can contact him at

If you haven't already checked out Brooklyn's writing blog, AT THE BROOK'S BEND, do so NOW! Follow her on Facebook, and Instagram. Brooklyn has a beautiful gift for writing and over the years her work has been published in numerous magazines and newsletters. You can view The Hidden Witness, one of her stage dramas, here. She recently launched her own corner on the big wide world web where she shares her delightful pieces of poetry and prose for you to enjoy. Be sure to subscribe!

From our whole family, we want to thank you so much for your interest in our work, your continued support of our individual businesses, and your prayers. We wish you a blessed new year that brings you closer to our soon returning King, Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah.


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