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"At the Brook's Bend": writer's blog announcement!

Today we are excited to announce the recent launch of Brooklyn's new writing blog!

"At the Brook's Bend" is a little eddy bubbling with refreshing prose and verse. We'd like to invite you to check it out here!

Following is one of Brooklyn's latest pieces:


A tiny seed you were in early May;

You drank in dewy moisture by the day

And tried to reach your sprouts along the way

And shove your tender stalk up through the clay.

One morning sunlight filtered through the gloom

Of dirty clods that made your lonely room

And with the dream in sun to one day loom

You thrust your smiling face out of the tomb!

Ah! there you are, sweet laughing flower, shy!

Now tilt your head upwards to face the sky!

You’re tall and strong now—see the bees that fly

And sip the nectar from your honied eye!

May I come, too? Your face is soft and brown—

I’ll brush my face along your sugared down

Of cushioned cheek that never knows a frown

And kiss the silken sunshine of your gown.

It’s autumn now. The west wind chill that blows

Across the painted landscape somehow knows

Your countless seeds on fertile ground he sows…

And waits for blooms to wake with melting snows.

If you'd like to read more of Brooklyn's work, or subscribe to her blog, please do so here.


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