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Honey 'n garlic

"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and the herb for the service of man."

Psalm 104:14

As the title states, this tonic is made by fermenting two simple, yet powerful ingredients that we grow and process here on our family farm: Raw Honey and Hardneck Garlic.


Garlic is nature's number one cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Buhner p.34). Containing sulphur, diallyn, and the "magic bullet" amino acid known as allicin, (Weaver p.92). Garlic is the most powerful antibiotic and immune-penetrating of all herbs (Buhner p.33). Up until 1942 when penicillin was invented, garlic was the physicians go-to cure for killing everything from fungus to bacterias, infections, and viruses of all kinds.

In modern times garlic is perhaps most famously known as a culinary herb that flavours delicious dishes--and, of course, makes your breath smell bad! Sadly, its medicinal qualities have become more or less forgotten. As Master Herbalist Rachel Weaver says in her book Be Your own "Doctor","If garlic were not so cheap and did not smell so bad, we would treasure it more." (Weaver p. 90)

In 1722 during the plague that swept through Marseilles, France, the famous "Four Thieves Vinegar" was concocted by the legendary thieves who went about robbing the dead while remaining free of disease.

So, what was the main ingredient these clever thieves added to their potion? Make one guess--that's right--GARLIC! When taking garlic for medicinal purposes Rachel Weaver suggests taking garlic at least every two hours for serious problems, as in the case of abscesses or bacterial infections (Weaver p.92). In his book, Herbal Antibiotics, Stephen Harrod Buhner says that three to nine bulbs a day being juiced and ingested together with carrot or tomato juice in acute episodes is effective. He says, "If only one herb could be used to combat an epidemic spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, [garlic] would be it." (Buhner p. 34) Sound like a cure the world is looking for in these uncertain days? Maybe so...


Honey is full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, carbohydrates, beta carotene, and even hydrogen peroxide. Applied externally, it heals wounds, ulcers, and third degree burns. Taken internally, it stimulates depressed immune systems, treats asthmatic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, increases energy and vitality, and soothes colds and flus, and can also ease allergies. Stephen Harrod Buhner reports that it has outdone antibiotics in cases from everything like stomach ulcerations to surgical wound infections and even gangrene. (Buhner p.47-48)

But, honey--that sweet syrup that's so extremely delicious in morning coffee and swirled over sourdough pancakes and toast--what is it? Regurgitated nectar? What is it that makes this simple tonic of nature so miraculous once it exits the bees' honey crop and passes into the mouths of innumerable bees? How did the pollen of wild flowers and trees become so suddenly medicinal? Well, we don't really know. And modern science doesn't either. But we love it, and eat it, and receive it for the incredible blessing it is.


In her unique handmade fermented "Honey 'n Garlic" formula, Amberlin has harnessed the power of these natural antibiotics to create an incredible immune-boosting blend that adds the process of natural fermentation to further the benefits of both garlic and raw honey.

Unlike drugs which can weaken the immune system, this remedy, if taken in consistent, moderate doses, can actually increase and strengthen it!

Our hardneck garlic is grown in virgin soil and is planted, harvested, cured, and processed by hand. The garlic is then chopped and allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes in order for the allicin to be activated, released, and even increased. Our raw honey is gathered by our own happy, healthy bees who drink from the clean fields and forests surrounding our farmstead. Our honey is never heated. It is gently extracted in the warmth of summer, added to our hardneck garlic, and then packed into jars and allowed to infuse and ferment for several months or more. The result is a potent antibacterial and antiviral compound that contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that we use to deal a heavy blow to colds and infections.

Click here to order your own jar of "Honey 'n Garlic." Please note that this can only be shipped within Canada. These statements and this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Consume at your own risk.


Be Your Own "Doctor" 101 Stories, by Rachel Weaver, M.H.

Herbal Antibiotics; Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria, by Stephen Harrod Buhner


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