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Lynx and Martin Mukluks

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Cold feet, anyone? Winter's here, and a custom-made pair of traditional mukluks might be just what you need!

A few weeks ago Julia received a custom order for these two pairs of Lynx and Martin fur mukluks. As you can see, they are gorgeous.

Buttery swede moose hide encase the foot and leg of these mukluks while a warm chocolate brown lacing made of swede cowhide leather zigzags across a tongue of rich fur that spans from ankle to just below the knee. A wide, sweeping strip of deep furs girdle the top of the boot.

Looking to add a trapper's touch of personality to your traditional mukluk? Just add martin tails or lynx pom-poms!

The sole of these mukluks are made of thick, durable cow hide leather and are stitched using our 1847 Pierson sewing machine.

The double leather toe and heel of these mukluks are carefully cut and crafted to fit with the comfort and freedom of traditional pioneer footwear. The absence of a rubber sole on these mukluks is intentional. A rubber sole will inhibit the earth's magnetism from reaching your body, but a traditional leather sole allows the earth's healing energy to penetrate your body -- making for both the ultimate barefoot shoe experience and the promotion of health benefits lost to our modern culture.

The circular felt bias along the boot top is hand sewn. The inside of the mukluk is insulated with a medium thick, natural brown wool/polyester felt insole that reaches down to the ankle. Included is a pair of handcrafted slippers that complete the insole combo. These toasty insole-slippers are made of 100% alpaca fibre that is grown, harvested, and felted right here on the Biegel homestead. Alpaca fibre is well known for its warmth, breathability, and capability to control odour. In comparison to merino wool, it's not only softer, but stronger, warmer, less irritating to the skin, and retains less moisture.

... Feet still cold? Well, your own custom-made, traditional mukluks are just an order away!

Contact Julia Biegel at for more info, or to request a quote, and to discuss options for your own personalized design today!


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