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Now is the Time of May

Greetings and peace to you in Jesus' Name! We wanted to give you a little peak into what we have been up to this month and share some photos we've captured along the way.

Hope you enjoy!

This last week the trees and dandelions have bloomed. Very early compared to normal. Everything is very dry and has been unusually hot.

Since May 5th our local area has been covered in smoke. Fires are mysteriously starting up almost everywhere, and when farmers and community members step up to help put them out they are being turned away and told to stop. Here you can see one of the smoke billows from a nearby fire just south of us.

This was last week, just across the river about three miles north of us. People are being mandated to leave their homes and properties and are not allowed back unless they have a permit.

Roads are blocked and there is very little information being proved to the locals on the condition of the fires. This fire is still currently burning south-west of our farm.

Some cute alpacas :) They're only cute because we haven't sheared them yet!

Linnae has been busy with all her plants!

And here is some of last years' store - fine munchings for the cows!

We've been so blessed with how well our stored food has lasted us. Hallelujah!

And we will have a bunch of the best broilers for sale later on this season!

We sold some last year and received absolutely incredible reviews.

Tender, chubby, free range chicken, anyone?

We were part of putting on a fundraiser for The Independence Party. A lovely meal provided by Major's Homestyle, a wonderful silent auction, and we provided the music. It was a great evening.

If you are in Alberta and would like to learn more about The Independence Party, you can listen to Brooklyn's speech here. She is running for as an MLA Candidate for our local constituency and has been very busy.

You can also follow and support her on Facebook.

And here is one of Linnae's recent projects. She made it to be actioned off at one of The Independence Party's fundraiser evenings a month or two back. Too cute not to share.

You can check out Linnae's gallery here. We often share new photos on all our galleries so you might enjoy scrolling through them :)

Amberlin recently released a new song she wrote on Sabbath. You can view it here.

Been enjoying beautiful horseback rides. This was in April.

That's all for now! Please be in prayer with us that Yahweh would turn the people's hearts to Him and that He would pour down rain upon our land. Thank you.

We hope all is well with you and those near and dear to you :)

May the grace of our Messiah Yeshua be with you!


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