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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Passover, passover!

'Tis a feast to the LORD!

If you keep it you’ll save

Your first born from the sword.

The blood of a Lamb,

A male of one year,

Strike it’s blood over your door

Then partake without fear.

Make a dinner of lamb,

Unleavened bread, bitter herbs.

Eat it in haste,

Obey these my words.

The first month is the time,

Then on the 14th day,

A Lamb without blemish,

Such is the Way.

A cry filled the land

As such was never heard.

His firstborn now gone,

Pharaoh’s heart was stirred.

‘Go now!’ Pharaoh cried,

‘Serve your God like you said.

Make haste, make haste,

Lest we all be found dead!’

So before it was leavened,

Israel took up their bread.

No longer Egyptian slaves,

They spoiled them instead.

Six hundred thousand men,

Women and children too,

A mixed multitude followed,

And left that land for a new.

Through trials and tests

Yahweh held Israel’s hand,

He loved them so much,

Yet few would understand.

Nearly sixteen hundred years after,

A new Lamb would come,

A Lamb without blemish,

God’s only Son.

He was slain for our transgressions,

He was mocked for our shame,

Yet He rose again

That we might call on His name.

His body was broken

As the bread that we eat,

The wine, as His blood

Will make us complete.

Christ is the Door

By which we pass through,

The bread is his body

Which was broken for you.

Remember this feast

When God did passover us,

Forever we must

All this truth Discuss.

Get rid of your sin,

Cast all leaven out,

Don’t hold any back,

Be all pure throughout.

For a little will spread

And contaminate all.

Remember, only one sin

Caused Adam’s fall.

Linnae Biegel

April 6, 2023


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