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Simon's Paracord

Simon has been busy with orders for survival bracelets, lanyards and army canteen holders! Check out these pictures of his work.

Simon made this lanyard for Mom's pocket knife :) You can watch this video of Simon and Amberlin using their knives with their lanyards as they whittle willow whistles.

This one was made for Dad. You can order your lanyard and knife here.

Simon uses a wide variety of colours in all of his products - the options are endless!

We love having these lanyards on our pocket knives! Makes it so easy to pull them out of our pockets, and makes the knives harder to loose - plus they're really stylish!

This army canteen holder was custom made for a friend.

These are great, durable canteens, made in the USA out of solid, BPA-free plastic. They hold 1 quart of liquid and can be purchased here.

Simon makes both single and double braided survival bracelets. The single braided bracelets contain 6-8 feet of 550 paracord.

And the double braided bracelets contain up to 18 feet of cord - cord that can hold 550lbs! Wearing one of these you'll never be short of rope.

You can find all the above products available for custom order on our family store:

You can also email us at if you're interested in having something else custom made just for you!


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Well done Simon. Excellent job. Don‘t know if y’all can get it up there but Atwood Rope makes the highest quality 550 cord we’ve ever used. Keep up the good work!

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