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Winter is Here in Northern Alberta Canada!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Our duck flock happily lounging in front of our barn

Last week we left for seven days to do a music tour in Central and Southern Alberta. When we arrived home on Sunday morning (3:30am!) we were greeted with sugar covered trees and icing covering everything (especially the roads...) and our dogs, Ida and Sheba, were jumping out of their fur for excitement!

The puppies that Ida had on October 26th have doubled in size and we are so delighted!

We were so blessed to have trustworthy family friends who stayed at the farm for the week, and cared for all the animals and kept all the stoves burning. What a blessing to arrive home and walk into a nice warm house! Thank you Jeff and Marta!!

Thankfully we harvested our beets before the snow came!

We were so glad that we butchered our 17 turkeys before we left for our tour. (It's not nice butchering turkeys in the snow and cold.)

17 turkeys in 7 hours

Two days before leaving we managed to wrap our six bee hives. May Yahweh bless them and bring them through the winter strong, dry, warm and healthy!

As always, we are so thankful and blessed to have so many things to keep us moving because it's not pleasant when there's nothing to do! (That's what we remind ourselves of when we feel overwhelmed :)

Take care!


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